Where does the time go?

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I can’t believe that we’re into February already and that I have totally neglected my blog for the last four months. It’s a combination of factors: looking for other interests (more of that in another post),  trying to catch up with work and dealing with the aftermath of a house fire at the end of the summer, concentrating on children at the beginning of a new school year and Christmas (I always feel that both December and January are a write off in terms of achieving anything). I think also there was an element of feeling happier in myself and so perhaps not needing the same outlet for my rambling thought processes. I think I’m beginning to get used to my changing role as my children grow up and perhaps even beginning to enjoy some of the advantages to having older children such as having meals cooked for me – such a treat! I think also that I have realised that what I set out to write about isn’t necessarily what I have ended up writing about so perhaps I need to spend some time thinking a little more about that and even starting afresh.

2015 is going to be a pretty significant year for my family: my eldest finishes at University (how has that happened?), my youngest has started at secondary school and is becoming more independent every day although , luckily for me, he is as cute ever and still loves cuddles, two of my sons finish sixth form and my other will enter sixth form. So much is changing and the house seems so quiet sometimes, waiting to spring back into life when all five boys are together again and I am transported back into the chaos of constant meals, constant laundry, mess and noise. It’s going to be a year of changes for us all but I’m not afraid anymore. I’m determined to embrace the changes, to enjoy the chaotic times and to savour the quieter times and make maximum use of them. This is my chance to give more attention to myself, to spend more time nurturing my own friendships. It is also the time to plan exciting projects with my youngest children; there are so many things that are easier to do with two as opposed to five. I always feel bad that my youngest can’t remember some of the wonderful trips we took when he was a toddler so perhaps we can do something about that. I used to be so good at planning holidays but that seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years-it’s so much easier planning trips with younger children as they are happy to go anywhere and do anything whereas teenagers are so reticent at the planning stage and yet so vocal at the execution stage.

So my challenge for this month is to think about my way forward in blogging terms, re-enter the Twitter world, which I also seem to have neglected, and to plan at least one trip. I will report back soon.