Who am I?


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Hi, I’m Kate, otherwise known as Frazzled Mum, mother to five boys aged 20.18.16,14 and 11. I have pretty much raised my children singlehandedly, since prior to my divorce ten years ago my husband spent a great deal of time working away from home, often in  New York. In between food shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundering, gardening and providing an unpaid taxi service I also run my own business. My life is one big rollercoaster and my household veers from order to total chaos within seconds. For the most part I have a positive attitude to family life and view the bad times as a tricky phase that will (hopefully) pass swiftly. 

I am at that stage in life when my children are becoming adult and beginning to leave the nest; I’m looking back with nostalgia to their journeys from babyhood to adulthood and celebrating what they have become whilst still dealing with the ones who are still a long way off their coming of age.  I remember vividly the highs and lows of the baby and toddler years, the anxieties of early school years, the challenges of teenage years and would like to think that I could offer words of comfort to those parents who feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task that is parenting.

Please do get in touch and share your thoughts.


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