What do I write about?

When I first started this blog, back in February of this year, I intended to write about parenting issues from the baby stage right through to the adult stage but more and more I am finding that I am treating this blog as a pseudo journal and am giving free rein to the general ramblings of my mind. As a result my posts seem to be covering a wide variety of topics: memories of particular stages of family life, memories of my own childhood, parenting issues that I have faced in the past or that I am currently facing.

I will include some of my family favourite recipes, the sort of things we like to cook together and which are fun and easy to make with children and also hope to include ideas for family friendly gardens – my garden is a constant work in progress and it is my hope that it will finally be finished in time for grandchildren (I’m a patient person!

Another element of my writing is categorised under “the ex-files”. I have been divorced now for around ten years and even before that solo parented for the most part as my ex-husband worked away for long periods. Divorce is never easy, no matter how civilised the process, and sometimes I need an outlet for my frustration just as sometimes I need to acknowledge when things work out well.

I am new to blogging and the modern world of social media so please bear with me while I find my feet and navigate my way through the complexities of this modern world!


Kate x


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