Valentine’s Day Blues

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I’m new to blogging and although I use computers a fair bit for work I’ve just stupidly deleted my very first blog post. I can’t believe that it’s gone, never to see the light of day again. Am I just too old to deal with technology, too stupid to grasp the basics, too stubborn to follow my own advice (think, think and think again before pressing delete) or is my brain addled by Valentine’s Day? I keep seeing ads for chocolates, roses¬†and champagne¬†and it’s making me hungry, thirsty and grouchy. Maybe there should be an equivalent day for those of us who have no Valentine. Mind you, that would be of absolutely no help at all to those who have a Valentine who isn’t very good at romantic gestures: “of course I love you, I’ve just done the bins!”


There’s nothing else for it; I need chocolate and I need it now so I’m off to buy the works: chocolate hearts, flowers and any other treat that takes my fancy. Well I’m worth it, aren’t I? May have to wear dark glasses though, don’t want people to know I’m a lonely heart on Valentine’s Day.